Day One – inspiration and accommodation

Day One – inspiration and accommodation

For whom – who comes to or around Bergen and wants to experience something

I have – equipment, skills, knowledge of the environment …

What I recommend – Top 5 – Trolltunga, Fløyen and Ulriken, Hardanger and Voringfossen, Gudvangen and Flåm, Sotra and Glesvær

What people come here for – fishing, seakayaking, hiking, treks, feratas, climbing, cruises – monumental nature; the north of Norway is even more dramatic

Why with me – I try to avoid tourism. License: grunnkurs, level: teknikkurs. Experience with Czech seakayaking

What you won’t find here: Baroque gardens, guided tours, beer on every corner, inexpensive cuisine

pop – hotels – disadvantage – price; advantage – comfort, peace
reggae – Airbnb – the advantage is for the family or group to get the entire floor or house, then even the advantage is the price and most of the comfort; the disadvantage may or may not be the price and sometimes complicated agreement
punk – overnight stays with friends, dormitories, flats can be arranged; where a working pendler is always absent, mostly at home in his native landscape – / in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland … / and would not mind if his apartment was used for a short time under agreed conditions – advantage – price, knowledge of the right and raw parties of Norway, quirky neighbors; disadvantage – often common bathroom, kitchen fridge …
hardcore – tent – the most popular on expeditions, the disadvantage is lack of intimacy, otherwise the advantages
funky – car – for long journeys through ferries, Norway is the longest European country, this type of accommodation often cannot be avoided … all disadvantages
jungle – caravan, advantage – very popular in Norway, you fit into your community, disadvantage -parking
heavy metal – rum, vodka, widespread, starry sky, during the alcohol consumption all the benefits
brass band – camp, the advantage can be beautiful cottages, typical of Scandinavia, especially on the coast or by the fjord; disadvantage – arrangement, accommodation rules and organization of logging in and out